An Overview of Veterans Serving Veterans Organization Inc.

Within the United States, there is no greater honor than serving our country. The brave men and women who serve in our armed forces are the best of our nation and deserve to know that their families will be taken care of should they lose their life in the line of duty. From 1984-1988, Cleveland resident Brian Stepp served in the United States Marine Corps as a combat engineer attached to Second Combat Engineer Battalion, Second Marine Division Bravo Company. Long after serving with Bravo Company, Brian Stepp remained committed to supporting his fellow veterans and hoped to one day start a non-profit for veterans and their families. In 2017, Brian Stepp and his co-founders were able to make this dream a reality by starting Veterans Serving Veterans Organization Inc., a non-profit designed to support families of fallen soldiers. 

When a soldier is abruptly taken in the line of duty, their families’ loss is unimaginable. While grieving the loss of their loved one, they often face challenges not experienced by civilian families, as the majority of military families rely solely on the income provided by the soldier. When Cleveland native Brian Stepp first co-founded Veterans Serving Veterans Organization Inc. in 2017, Brian Stepp and his co-founders had one goal in mind, to help the families of fallen veterans by providing both emotional and financial support through various services.

Unlike other organizations, Veterans Serving Veterans does not specialize in one area but remains committed to helping veteran families in diverse areas, including healthcare, housing, jobs, food, clothing, education, addiction and recovery, and awareness programs. As a United States Marine Corps veteran, Cleveland resident Brain Stepp understands the unique challenges many veteran families face and hopes that Veterans Serving Veterans can provide these families not only aid but a caring community. 

Veterans Serving Veterans national campaigns aids veteran families with the help of volunteers, raffles, and donation. The non-profit accepts various donations, including food, clothing, health and body items, furniture, electronics, school supplies, and children’s toys. If interested in volunteering or donating items to Veterans Serving Veterans Organization Inc., please feel free to reach out to organization members at

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